GFM FEM-Forge overview:

GFM FEM-Forge is an application for efficient 3D simulation of hot radial forging process. It can be used to enhance understanding of forging process and consequentially optimize it with respect to product quality and energy efficiency. Example of forging process improved by the help of the application has been presented in the literature: R. Koppensteiner, Z. Tang, Optimizing Tooling And Pass Design For Effectiveness On Forged Product, 19th International Forgemasters Meeting, Tokyo Bay Area, Japan, 2014

  Main features

  • Fast 3D simulations due to innovative concept of periodicity
  • Simple automatic setup of simulation from process software (BarForge)
  • Realistic modelling of process kinematics
  • Simulation of multiple pass forging, with changing cross-section shapes (tubes included)
  • Import of complex hammer geometry from a CAD file
  • Accurate time dependent elasto-plastic material model with thermo-mechanical coupling. Possibility to use compressive material models, suitable for powder metallurgy.
  • Evaluation of damage and porosity parameters
  • Automatic generation of simulation reports with results

Sample of the GUI (1)

Sample of the GUI (2)

Sample of the Simulation report